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Popular overseas Elkay Lustertone Discount mail order Classic LRAD172065OS4 Drop-in Stain Single Bowl

Elkay Lustertone Classic LRAD172065OS4 Single Bowl Drop-in Stain


Elkay Lustertone Classic LRAD172065OS4 Single Bowl Drop-in Stain

From the manufacturer

elkay lustertone classic sink elkay lustertone sink elkay lustertone elkay lustertone elkay lustertone sink
ELUH211510 ELUHAQD32179 ELUH211510DBG ELUH1116DBG LR25193
Installation Type Undermount Undermount Undermount Undermount Undermount
Dimension 23-1/2" X 18-1/4" 32-1/16" X 18-1/2" 13-1/2" X 18-1/2" 14" X 18-1/2" 25" X 19-1/2"
Depth 10" 9" 9" 7-7/8 7-5/8"
Min Cab Size 27 36 27 18 30
Gauge 18 18 18 18 18
Type Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Bar Kitchen
Material Type 304 Stainless Type 304 Stainless Type 304 Stainless Type 304 Stainless Type 304 Stainless
Drain Center Off-Center Center Center Center
Sound-Deadening Pads

Elkay Lustertone Classic LRAD172065OS4 Single Bowl Drop-in Stain

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