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Thailand Wall Art Decor Canvas Long Beach Ranking TOP16 Mall Pictures - Boats Su Fishing

Thailand Wall Art Decor Canvas Beach Pictures - Fishing Boats Su


Thailand Wall Art Decor Canvas Beach Pictures - Fishing Boats Su

Product description

A Large Modern Contemporary Set of 4 Canvas Pictures

- Direct to you from WALLFILLERS, the UK's most recognised brand for Large Canvas Wall Art Prints
- Artwork is printed at high resolution with Fade Resistant inks, so that your colours remain Sharp and Strong.
- Framed to Gallery Standards and Stretched with precision over a Solid Wood Frame

Extra Large XL 130cm Wide x 67.5cm High!

Perfect SIZE for over the Sofa or Bed

ADDS Colour and Style to ANY Room

Detailed Dimensions
- Both Outer Panels measure 45cm High x 30cm Wide,
- Both Inner Panels measure 60cm High x 30cm Wide
- Complete Set of Pictures hung together as shown measures a total area of 130cm Wide x 67.5cm High

We advise allowing a gap of approximately 3.5cm between each panel when hanging the set of canvases.

Canvas Wall Art is the modern way to brighten the walls of your home, and we are confident that you will be extremely pleased with your canvases

Thailand Wall Art Decor Canvas Beach Pictures - Fishing Boats Su

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