$70 RYANTH Women One Shoulder Slit Prom Dresses with Pockets Long Ba Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women RYANTH Women Direct store One Shoulder Slit Prom with Long Ba Pockets Dresses RYANTH Women Direct store One Shoulder Slit Prom with Long Ba Pockets Dresses RYANTH,Pockets,Long,berezovka.life,/amblyopia351357.html,Ba,One,Slit,with,Women,$70,Shoulder,Prom,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Dresses $70 RYANTH Women One Shoulder Slit Prom Dresses with Pockets Long Ba Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women RYANTH,Pockets,Long,berezovka.life,/amblyopia351357.html,Ba,One,Slit,with,Women,$70,Shoulder,Prom,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Dresses

RYANTH Women Direct store One Shoulder Max 41% OFF Slit Prom with Long Ba Pockets Dresses

RYANTH Women One Shoulder Slit Prom Dresses with Pockets Long Ba


RYANTH Women One Shoulder Slit Prom Dresses with Pockets Long Ba

Product description

Welcome to RYANTH !

Product Features:
1.Fabric: Satin
2.Neckline: One neckline
3.Sleeves: Sleeveless
4.Silhouette: a line with slit
5.Length: long
6.Back Design: Ziper Closure

Customized Services:
Customized sizes and colors are also available. If you need any other colors, please email us freely. If you choose custom size. Please offer us your detail measurements as follows:
1.Bust___inches or___cm 
2.Waist___inches or___cm 
3.Hips___inches or___cm 
4.Shoulder to shoulder___inches or___cm 
5.Hollow to floor ___inches or___cm 
6.Height(without shoes)___inches or___cm 
7.Shoes heels___inches or___cm 
8.The date you need the dress___ 
If the dress has sleeves , you also offer us those measurement as below
9, Arm Eye (also named arm hole)_ inches or___cm 
10,Arm Girth (also named bicep)_inches or___cm 
11,Arm length(shoulder to wrist)_inches or___cm 

The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website due to different monitor display,thanks for your understanding.

RYANTH Women One Shoulder Slit Prom Dresses with Pockets Long Ba

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