$21 Chugod Grilling BBQ Meat Thermometer Probe - Replacement Tempera Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Grilling,Replacement,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Chugod,$21,Probe,Thermometer,-,/antiglyoxalase350970.html,Tempera,Meat,berezovka.life,BBQ $21 Chugod Grilling BBQ Meat Thermometer Probe - Replacement Tempera Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Chugod Grilling 5 popular BBQ Meat Thermometer Replacement - Probe Tempera Grilling,Replacement,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Chugod,$21,Probe,Thermometer,-,/antiglyoxalase350970.html,Tempera,Meat,berezovka.life,BBQ Chugod Grilling 5 popular BBQ Meat Thermometer Replacement - Probe Tempera

Chugod Latest item Grilling 5 popular BBQ Meat Thermometer Replacement - Probe Tempera

Chugod Grilling BBQ Meat Thermometer Probe - Replacement Tempera


Chugod Grilling BBQ Meat Thermometer Probe - Replacement Tempera

Product description

These Grilling BBQ Meat Thermometer Probes are Compatible With Chugod meat thermometer

Temperature Range: 0~380℃/32~716℉
Temperature Accuracy: ±1%(0-99℃) / ±2%(100-199℃) / ±3%(200-300℃)
Probe Length: 4.33 inch (11cm)
Probe cable length: 47.24 inch(120cm)
Winding: temperature resistance up to 185℉(85 ℃)

PLEASE DO NOT place the thermometer probe directly in a flame.
PLEASE DO NOT soak the probe and the cable.
PLEASE DO NOT put them in a microwave oven.
PLEASE DO NOT the temperature probe in the dishwasher, it is advised to use a wet towel to scrub it with a neutral detergent.

CHUGOD is a famous brand manufacturer developing and producing kitchen tools. Buy with utmost confidence.
Welcome to contact us if you have any inquiries or problems. Our customer service team will reply you within 24 hours.

Chugod Grilling BBQ Meat Thermometer Probe - Replacement Tempera

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