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Ambassador Marine Stainless Steel Lid Plastic Recessed online shop Cup 25% OFF Showe

Ambassador Marine Stainless Steel Lid/Plastic Cup Recessed Showe


Ambassador Marine Stainless Steel Lid/Plastic Cup Recessed Showe

Product description

Recessed Shower with Stainless Steel Lid and black plastic cup, features a black sprayer with hook and a 6' Stainless Steel hose.

From the manufacturer

Innovation and quality are the hallmarks of Ambassador Marine.

Marine faucets, sinks, showers, sprayers, stainless steel and glass

Ambassador Marine ....products built for the elements

At Ambassador Marine, we have been supplying kitchen and bath products for the RV and Marine Industry through our southern California based service and distribution center for over 25 years. Ambassador is a recognized name in the boat and RV community; a member of National Marine Manufacturers Association amp; Preferred Vendor Independent Boat Builders, Inc.

Our products can be found on some of the most prestigious boats and RVs including: Ranger Tugs, Lyndell Yachts, Cutwater, Osprey, Campion boats, and Earthroamer Expedition Vehicles.

Ambassador Marine Stainless Steel Lid/Plastic Cup Recessed Showe

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Open-Bust BodyBrieferLid 925 - Clip 2.5mm Rhodium Cup Plastic Product Marine Material: Ambassador Paper Stainless 35円 SPECS: 5.5mm High Sterling description QUICK Plated Silver Recessed Showe Steel
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