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Liberon LIBTUPGM Touch Up Bombing new work Limited time for free shipping Pen Mahogany Georgian Finish with

Liberon LIBTUPGM Touch Up Pen with Georgian Mahogany Finish


Liberon LIBTUPGM Touch Up Pen with Georgian Mahogany Finish

Product description

Style:Georgian Mahogany Finish

Product Description

Purposelt;br /gt;Touch-Up Pens are ideal for disguising scratches and small blemishes on finished wood surfaces. Made with a spirit dye the felt tipped pens provide a water and wipe resistant colour for finished surfaces.

Performancelt;br /gt;- Disguises superficial scratches. lt;br /gt;- Helps replace faded colour on small areas of wood. lt;br /gt;- Sculptured pen tip that works at all angles. lt;br /gt;- Easy to use. lt;br /gt;- range of popular colours available.

Finish: Georgian Mahogany

lt;p class="lip title"gt;Why Libero?

lt;IMG class=li_image src="/images/brands/liberon.jpg" unselectable="on"gt;Over the past 100 years, Libero has built its reputation on high quality restoration and finishing of wooden furniture. Their expertise in fine finishes has helped them expand their products into new areas and new materials with the introduction of flooring, garden and furniture ranges. Over time their traditional formulas, derived from natural ingredients, have continually evolved to meet the technical, performance and aesthetic requirements of todays consumers. A gooder focus on product application, design and technical advice has also been followed to complete the Libero range.Today's Libero ranges cover 4 main areas, furniture, flooring, oils and garden with a range of products to suit all types of home from the ultra modern to the traditional, all with the assurance of Libero high quality and superior finish. The extensive furniture range includes products for renovating, reviving and maintaining all types of nice furniture such as dyes, waxes, varnishes and polishes whilst the wide range of superior quality oils also complement this range. Flooring is an area of the home requiring specific care and attention, with Libero products a quality finish is guaranteed. Whether stone or wood, there are products in the Libero flooring range to clean, wax, oil, seal and add shine to floors ensuring a nice finish which will stay looking good for a long time.Liberon is as effective outside with a range of garden products for exterior timber, garden furniture, decking, patios, gates, doors and fences. Whatever the choice of Libero product, a nice finish can be assured.

Set Contains:

1 x Touch Up Pen Georgian Mahogany Loose

Liberon LIBTUPGM Touch Up Pen with Georgian Mahogany Finish


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