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PIKOLINOS Alcudia 9360


PIKOLINOS Alcudia 9360

Product description

A unique initiative from Pikolinos has delivered this finely crafted and inspired sandal, the Pikolinos Alcudia 9360. The leather pieces of this women's sandal are cut in Spain according to the previous designs and are sent to the Maasai Mara to be distributed among all the manyattas (Maasai settlements) that participate in the project. There, thousand miles away, in the middle of the African savannah, speaking in swahili and surrounded by wild animals, Maasai women constitute a special work environment and embroider Pikolinos’ leathers with their typical patterns, colors and designs. For their hand crafted designs, they receive a stable source of income that gives them access to basic needs as food and medicines. Once they are embroidered, the products are sent back to Spain, where shoes are finished and distributed. All the profits generated by the sales of the Maasai collection shoes will be directed to development of projects in the Maasai Mara. Become a supporter finely hand-made fashion and this remarkable group of people when you sport the Pikolinos Acludia 9360.

PIKOLINOS Alcudia 9360

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