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Salomon Women's Sense Marin 67% OFF of fixed price W Runner Charlotte Mall Trail

Salomon Women's Sense Marin W Trail Runner


Salomon Women's Sense Marin W Trail Runner

Product description

When you feel like leaving the tarmac behind and exploring new horizons, the sense marin is made for those rolling trails in the sun. Take your time, free your mind. Go for a different kind of run. 

Salomon was born in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps and the birthplace of modern alpinism. Driven by a passion for skiing and design innovation, Francois Salomon and his son George designed and perfected much of the first modern ski equipment. During the following 60 years, Salomon's commitment to innovative design and passion for mountain sports created a vast range of revolutionary new concepts in boots, skis and apparel and brought innovative solutions to footwear, apparel and equipment for hiking, adventure racing, mountaineering and trail running. Through performance-driven design, Salomon enhances mountain sports by converting new ideas into action and expanding the limits of possibility.

Salomon Women's Sense Marin W Trail Runner

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Yield Rates for the Class of 2025

After many colleges reported all-time low acceptance rates, some students might be curious about their yield rates, or just how many of these admitted applicants have chosen to enroll.

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