Backpacker Expedition Travel Navy Seattle Mall Shirt Large Backpacker,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Navy,,/grassnut288898.html,Large,Shirt,,,$42,Expedition,Travel Backpacker Expedition Travel Navy Seattle Mall Shirt Large $42 Backpacker Expedition Travel Shirt, Navy, Large Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Backpacker,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Navy,,/grassnut288898.html,Large,Shirt,,,$42,Expedition,Travel $42 Backpacker Expedition Travel Shirt, Navy, Large Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Backpacker Expedition Travel Navy Seattle Mall Outlet SALE Shirt Large

Backpacker Expedition Travel Shirt, Navy, Large


Backpacker Expedition Travel Shirt, Navy, Large

Product Description

When you're on the go, comfort is mandatory. Our lightweight Expedition Travel Shirt surrounds you in comfort and finishing touches that you'll appreciate on your sojourn. This easy-care shirt is tailored from breathable ripstop fabric with a UPF rating of 30+ and has two button-through flap pockets on the chest. We also designed this shirt with a discreet roomy side zip pocket to secure those important items you want to keep handy and can't afford to lose. If you get a bit warm, your rolled up sleeves can be comfortably secured by the stylish button tabs. For an added finishing touch we've applied an antimicrobial finish to make sure your Expedition Travel Shirt stays fresh longer and can handle your busy itinerary. Available in regular sizes S—3XL and tall sizes from XLT—3XLT.

Backpacker Expedition Travel Shirt, Navy, Large


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