Minishion Womens MZ542 Pleated Satin Wedding Prom Evening Ranking TOP1 Bridal $32 Minishion Womens MZ542 Pleated Satin Bridal Wedding Evening Prom Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Bridal,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,MZ542,Minishion,$32,Satin,Evening,Wedding,Womens,Pleated,/jargonium1914613.html,Prom, Minishion Womens MZ542 Pleated Satin Wedding Prom Evening Ranking TOP1 Bridal Bridal,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,MZ542,Minishion,$32,Satin,Evening,Wedding,Womens,Pleated,/jargonium1914613.html,Prom, $32 Minishion Womens MZ542 Pleated Satin Bridal Wedding Evening Prom Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Minishion Womens Seasonal Wrap Introduction MZ542 Pleated Satin Wedding Prom Evening Ranking TOP1 Bridal

Minishion Womens MZ542 Pleated Satin Bridal Wedding Evening Prom


Minishion Womens MZ542 Pleated Satin Bridal Wedding Evening Prom

Product description

We offers many different kinds of stylish wedding shoes with competitive rate by Minishion brand.You can wear these wonderful shoes to any prom, evening,party,wedding or special occasion, You will be the most outstanding bridal princess of all audience. There are more bautiful color available from our wedding shoes, you can select what you want and they can be matched with most of your gorgeous dress. We provide customized service for the heel style and height.All wdding shoes made cushioned insole and synthetic leather sole,For the upper material, You can choose the leather,satin,sequin,beadin...Please always check us if you need special order,You just remind us by email after place order.Comfortable,fashion and good quality are the essential element of our wedding shoes, You deserve it!!!
Size Chart
AU/US4=EU35=UK2 ( Foot Length=8.86 inch/ 22.5cm, Foot Girth=8.03 inch/20.4cm)
AU/US5=EU36=UK3 ( Foot Length=9.06 inch/ 23cm, Foot Girth=8.21 inch/20.85cm )
AU/US6=EU37=UK4 ( Foot Length=9.25 inch/ 23.5cm, Foot Girth=8.39 inch/21.3cm )
AU/US7=EU38=UK5 ( Foot Length=9.45 inch/ 24cm, Foot Girth=8.56 inch/21.75cm )
AU/US8=EU39=UK6 ( Foot Length=9.65 inch/ 24.5cm, Foot Girth=8.74 inch/22.2cm )
AU/US9=EU40=UK7 ( Foot Length=9.84 inch/ 25cm, Foot Girth=8.92 inch/22.65cm )
AU/US10=EU41=UK8 ( Foot Length=10.04 inch/ 25.5cm, Foot Girth=9.09 inch/23.1cm )
AU/US11=EU42=UK9 ( Foot Length=10.24 inch/ 26cm, Foot Girth=9.27 inch/23.55cm )
Warm Tip: This size catalog may be provide you some helps.(only for your reference??

Minishion Womens MZ542 Pleated Satin Bridal Wedding Evening Prom

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