10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Special sale item JPS-40A Machine Cleaning wit /oxyiodide351011.html,Stainless,Machine,berezovka.life,10L,Cleaning,Ultrasonic,Commercial,$200,Health Household , Household Supplies,JPS-40A,wit $200 10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine JPS-40A wit Health Household Household Supplies $200 10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine JPS-40A wit Health Household Household Supplies 10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Special sale item JPS-40A Machine Cleaning wit /oxyiodide351011.html,Stainless,Machine,berezovka.life,10L,Cleaning,Ultrasonic,Commercial,$200,Health Household , Household Supplies,JPS-40A,wit

10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Special sale item JPS-40A Machine Cleaning New Free Shipping wit

10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine JPS-40A wit


10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine JPS-40A wit

Product description

Main application:
The use of specialized departments for the lab, hospital dentistry, electronic workshop and other products for circuit board, printer nozzle, electronic products, machinery and hardware accessories, such as golf family necklace, earrings and bracelets, razor head, nib, coins, badges and other.

Product specifications:
Model: JPS-40A ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHZ
Main material: stainless steel SUS304
Capacity: 10L
Time control: digital control LCD (1-30 minutes)
Power supply: AC100-120,50/60HZ or AC220-240V, 50/60HZ
Ultrasonic power: 240W
Heating power: 250W (NC heating)
Outline dimension: 330*270*270mm
Tank size: 300*240*150mm
Packing size: 430*370*380m (L*W*H)

10L Commercial Stainless Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine JPS-40A wit

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